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1. Copyright. By law, all photographs taken by Siobhan Hegarty Photography are protected by copyright. When we supply all original high-resolution images we give you permission to use these images as you wish. You are free to copy, scan, print and otherwise use the images as you want.

2. Exclusivity In order for the Client to receive the best service and most compelling photographs possible, Siobhan Hegarty photography must be the exclusive professional photographer for the wedding. Additional professional photographers may be employed only with prior written permission from Siobhan Hegarty photography. Guest photographers are welcome with one caveat: Siobhan Hegarty photography will request your intervention if a guest is inhibiting our ability to fully document your wedding.

3. Limits of liability: While every reasonable effort will be made to produce and deliver outstanding photographs of the wedding events. The entire liability of Siobhan Hegarty photography to the Client for any claim or loss arising from our performance is limited to a refund to the Client of the amount paid for services. Because a wedding is an uncontrolled event, Siobhan Hegarty photography cannot guarantee delivery of any specifically requested image(s). In the unlikely event of personal illness or other circumstances beyond the control of Siobhan Hegarty photography, a substitute photographer acceptable to you may be sent to fulfil the obligations of Siobhan Hegarty photography. In such case that the Client declines the substitute photographer, the client may terminate this agreement and receive a full refund of all sums of money paid.

4. Siobhan Hegarty photography will not be held liable for the finished product or incomplete coverage in the event of tardiness or time restrictions placed on Siobhan Hegarty photography by Client or any outside vendors, including clergy or church restrictions and/or policies on the day of the event.

5. Permissions: It is the client’s responsibility to schedule and to receive permission to use various locations for photography, including the wedding and reception locations and any other locations used during the day.

6. To secure your wedding date we require a non-refundable deposit paid through PayPal or bank transfer.

7. Payment for services: the deposit will be subtracted from the total cost of the option you choose, total payment is due in full on or before the wedding date.

8. Upon receipt of the confirmation by email and receipt of this signed agreement, Siobhan Hegarty photography will reserve your date and be available to you on that date.

9. You may not transfer the deposit to another party, bridal couple or anyone else without our prior written consent. The total final payment of the balance owing is due on or before the wedding date.

10. This agreement incorporates the entire understanding of the Parties, and the Parties agree to all its terms and acknowledge receipt of a completed copy of the agreement signed by all parties. Any modifications of this agreement must be in writing and signed by all parties. Each person signing as the client below will be fully responsible for ensuring that full payment is made pursuant to the terms of this agreement.

11. Siobhan Hegarty photography will not use any images on their social media channels from a wedding without prior consent from the client. If you do not want any of your images ever to be used in our promotional materials or online on our website or social media then we will honour this request.

12. The number of images stated in each of our photography options is an approximate amount based on our previous experience, we cannot guarantee any total amount of images to be delivered from any wedding as each wedding day is unique.

13. Your private web gallery and USB drive with your images will be created and posted within 3-6 weeks after your wedding day but if needed sooner we will try and expedite it. Delivery times may vary depending on the time of year and Siobhan's workload.

By signing this Agreement, we confirm that we agree to all terms and conditions outlined in this Agreement.
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Please use your finger, mouse or stylus to sign the area above.