Small weddings in Rome

I do a lot of small weddings in Rome with just the bride and groom, a few friends or small families.
People still like to do this in a church and I have found the Irish college Rome to be very accommodating for this type of ceremony. They have their own church at the college which is both modern and small. It feels comfortable with just a few people, also the grounds are very pretty for photos after.

They also have another beautiful church a walk away from the college, The Baptistery chapel at St.John Lateran, San Giovanni. It is one of the oldest Christian buildings in Rome and so full of character. The baptistery is open to the public and tours, but the chapel is kept totally private for a wedding. They are very strict about this and will close the door during the ceremony.

San Silvestro in Capite also works well despite being much larger they can use the top section of the church which is the baptistery area. It makes it more intimate.

Other churches I recommend are St Isidore’s college Rome which is also small but can hold up to 100 people. They provide catholic marriages for Irish couples. This church is stunning and works really well for small groups.

St. Patrick’s in Rome is another providing Irish weddings. All of the above mentioned have web-sites and provide details and information for your wedding. And remember all are also very strict about covering up your shoulders during the service!

baptistry of St. Johns Lateran
Chiesa del santissimo nome di Maria al Foro Triano
indide Santa Susana
Inside Baptistry of st.Johns
Inside- Chiesa del santissimo nome di Maria al Foro Triano
Inside church of St.Anna at the Vatican
inside San Silvestro
inside St.Isidores
Irish college
San Giorgio in Velabro (1)
San Giorgio in Velabro (2)
San Silvestro in Capite
San Silvestro in Capite-2
San Silvestro roof detail
San Silvestro
Santa Maria Basilica Trastevere
Santa Susana church
Santa Susana inside
Santa susana
St.Patricks (2)

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