Thanks to reliable weather outdoor wedding ceremonies in Italy are very popular

It’s difficult to keep up with the blogs during wedding season but I have noticed when I meet all the brides and grooms they mention how they are following my blog posts and social media.

Italian summer outdoor weddings
Outdoor weddings in the Italian sunshine

So it’s lovely to hear someone is paying attention. If my posts can help with your wedding planning here in Italy then great. As so much happens over here in the outdoors I thought I would share my thoughts and tips about getting married where you can experience nature.

Time of day, avoid the sun

There is nothing more beautiful than an outdoor summer wedding ceremony especially here in Italy, surrounded by the natural countryside, in a rustic borgo or with the backdrop of a beautiful villa but there are several things you need to take into consideration when planning on having the ceremony outside.

It is really important to think of the time of day you choose to get married in Italy, one of the biggest factors is obviously, heat. Summer weddings mostly take place in the late afternoons for the simple reason it is just too hot and too bright early in the day. Those of you having a daytime outdoor wedding should orient the ceremony so that the sun will be on guests backs rather than shining in their eyes.

Direct sunlight is the most unflattering of all light. It is extremely difficult to get a pleasing image in direct sunlight. There is nothing worse than everyone squinting or covering their eyes from the blaring sun. It is also very uncomfortable for your guests especially kids think of all those big red shiny faces in photos! Sunglasses are fine and often the wedding party have matching specks which are cool for one or two photos but not for all.


If you decide on an outdoor wedding then talk to your chosen venue about shade and try to remember that you should have some type of cover, parasols or brollies. Or ask them for a nice shady area within their grounds under a big tree or in a little courtyard. Having your wedding ceremony in full sun should not be an option. You want people to enjoy the experience so think about keeping them cool.

It’s very common for a couple to visit their chosen venue during the winter months so it’s difficult to visualize the same location during those long hot summer days.
Any good wedding venue will know this and provide shade or again a nice area of the grounds that is not in full sun.

Half and half

Another very frustrating problem is having the couple seated half shade and half sunlight..nightmare for any photographer. Make sure you will both be covered to avoid this. I want to see your faces especially your eyes expressions and emotions. It’s important for a photographer to see you clearly. With one of you squinting or covering your face it’s not going to look very nice for the photos.

Keep guests cool

Provide water, any good wedding venue won’t think twice about putting out lots of water for guests. Provide some fans or consider printing your wedding program as a fan on a wooden stick so people can flip it around to keep cool.

Protect your heels

If your wedding is taking place on grass provide little heel protectors which will keep you from sinking and getting grass stains on your shoes. These come in clear plastic and in a little pouch. Leave them at the entrance in a basket for the ladies.

Plan for wind

If you are wearing a veil make sure it’s clipped in tight. Decorations and flowers should be secured tightly to chairs and trellises.

Have a backup plan

What will you do if it rains? The ideal outdoor wedding location has an indoor location waiting just in case. It’s not a question of hoping it won’t rain either way you should have somewhere to set up inside.

Beat the bugs.

Plan for mosquitos, bees and flies. There is little you can do about them. It is often an idea to inform guests to bring mosquito repellent and maybe provide a little basket with emergency spray and bite cream. There are certain times of the year when mosquitoes are at their worst, for me, I always find September the worst mozzie month!

The wedding dress

I have said it before and I will say it again. Italy can get very hot. Your dress is one of the most important decisions you will make so really you need to think about those sweaty armpits or layers of petticoats sticking to your legs. The sweat trickling between your boobs, sticky bottoms…

Keep it light and keep fabrics breathable. You need to feel comfortable and confident not stifling and sticky. I have seen some really uncomfortable brides and it can ruin your day. And this also applies to the groom. I know not everyone pays attention to this but try to stay cool. Keep your jackets light and shirts loose. And if you do insist on layering waistcoats and jackets then bring a spare shirt.

There is one thing I don’t think anyone will think about but all those wee flies and bugs will find their way up and under your skirt. If you have a chiffon or mesh layers of fabric over the skirt. They just seem to find their way under that netting! We still need to figure that one out. Whatever you decide it will be beautiful just think about making more comfortable and pretty so people will remember it. You can be creative with plants and leaves for decorations. Disposable petals or rice for confetti.

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