A guide to planning your wedding photography

I hope you will take the time to read my?guide to planning your wedding photography.

It is very important to be clear as to what specific photos you will want on the day. A lot of people are happy to have their immediate families and parents, however as every bride has different plans you may want extra photos of certain friends or relatives. If this is the case, to avoid disappointment after the wedding I must get a list from you.

I will be meeting people for the first time and I will need help organising the groups of people, this is normally the job of the best man and it is also advisable to give a list to him or a bridesmaid.

I am more than happy to photograph everything you want on the day but I cannot be held responsible for missed photos of specific groups/people if I haven’t been asked to shoot them.

Below is a general guideline of photos to expect, again you might be happy to have less of the images listed below which is absolutely fine as long as I know this beforehand.

  • Preparation shots
  • Bride getting ready with girls.
  • Bride alone.
  • Bride and bridesmaids.
  • Bride with parents.
  • Walking or arriving at the church.
  • *If the boys are getting ready at the same venue then I will also include the boys here, otherwise I will get the boys at?the church waiting
  • The wedding vows and signing of the register
  • Outside the church guests and newlyweds congratulations and confetti
  • Bride and Groom with parents of the bride
  • Bride and groom with parents of the groom
  • Bride and groom with brides family
  • Bride and groom with grooms family
  • Bridal party together.
  • Groom and grooms men
  • Bride and bridesmaids
  • Parents and family portraits

Other combinations from here include just the bridal party and bride and groom alone.
I also include shots of the table set ups, menu cards and guests mingling.

Once again, if there are other shots you would like on the day then please just ask and make a list, I am more than happy to shot whatever you want, as long as I know.

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