Wedding photography checklist, sure, but let the photographer do their job

With wedding season just around the corner, brides are getting excited making plans for last minute details and some of you often making checklists for your photographer.

Firstly In my honest opinion, any good photographer will be able to capture all the important things with or without a list. An experienced photographer will have done so many weddings that they will know what has to be done without thinking about it. Also, I would like to feel you have booked me as your photographer because you like my style and from the photos that you have seen on my website and on social media pages.

You need to have trust in your photographer and give them the space and freedom to create some beautiful memories for you.”

As an experienced wedding photographer, I have my own personal approach to weddings which should be fun relaxed and real. The day should flow the pictures should happen naturally as the day goes on. I love all the little details that you have taken time to plan and personalise for your big day and from getting ready to the first dance your photos should be filled with emotion and your own personal touch.

Of course, it is important as we know from experience that families should always be a big part of your photos parents, immediate family members and siblings. Often a couple will give me some additional pictures they want and this I welcome and I am happy to include who they feel is important to them. And it means you get the photos you want.

I am there to capture everything that is important and to be creative to see things from a different point of view.

Also for me, it’s important to have some time out away from all the guests for your bridal party and I am not talking hours. We’re talking some cool bridal party shots some nice girly pics. The boys together etc pretty portraits of you all looking good. I like to do some of these after the church then it’s my time alone with you both for some nice portraits and personal moments, again this fun and relaxed.

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Now what I really want to say is this.

If you are constantly checking and ticking a list it breaks the mood people get restless and very often the bride and groom can end up bickering and can feel irritated about missing out on the fun. Nobody wants to stand around waiting in line for a photo.  As much as you want to include people of the day try and let it happen naturally.

I have experienced so many brides trying to follow a list and get so pissed off trying to find people and wait around till we have everyone that people start to snap at each other. It can get so bad when the time comes to take the photo everyone looks cross! It can also be a terrible waste of time and very often causes friction between family members.

Please don’t make your wedding day a photo checklist! This is possibly the worst thing you could do to your wedding photographer.”

If you really want a ton of pictures with each and every cousin or guest, college friend you should think about firstly your timing of the day between church and meal. How much time will you have for pictures remembering that your time alone is really the most important and any professional photographer needs their time with you both to capture some magical shots. After all, is this not why you booked us?

Or if you are asking to capture every single movement of family members and bridal party then you should probably think about having a second shooter. Which of course would be an additional cost.

It is important to remember that the most important photos will be the ones that you have not put on a list. You need to have trust in your photographer and give them space and freedom to create some beautiful memories for you.

If I am constantly expected to look and follow a checklist then I am missing a lot of candid and fun moments. I am there to capture everything that is important and to be creative to see things from a different point of view. To engage with the crowd and feel the mood to break with routine experiment with new ideas.

Please try to remember it’s your wedding so make it personal. Very often a couple will try to recreate someone else wedding photos or insist on a big list because that’s what a family member wanted on their wedding day. It’s good to have ideas and for me to know what you like just don’t stress over a list.

I have attached a link of a list I pretty much cover and is embedded deep in my brain! Again it’s a guideline and includes all the important moments of the day depending on the type of wedding you are having.

So perhaps instead of spending a big part of your wedding day posing for pictures with everyone attending, make more time to experience the day with them. Enjoy your photos, keep them fun, and ditch the list!

Siobhan x.

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