2018 was a very busy year, here are some of my Best of Borgo di Tragliata weddings

I have written about the Borgo di Tragliata before so will keep this short and sweet, the place still proves to be a hugely popular venue for Irish and English destination weddings to Rome. I think the popularity lies in the fact as it offers so much outdoor space for eating, drinking and just chilling out and it is very close to both of the main airports of Rome. The beautiful weather (almost) always guaranteed, great wines and food and surrounded by a cosy and peaceful atmosphere.

You have the choice to get married in the church on-site or in one of the beautiful gardens which offer the perfect setting for an outdoor wedding ceremony and reception. You will find it has an absolutely stunning backdrop for photos. You can walk within the grounds so no need for cars, just a change of flip flops for your party afterwards.

The Borgo is full of lovely olive trees, gardens and the old rustic buildings which again give your photos a true Italian feel. Almost everything happens outdoors which I believe is a big bonus of having a big event here. Everyone loves to be out in the open air enjoying prosecco or beer and tucking into the delicious aperitivo buffet. You can enjoy a pre-wedding barbeque and post-wedding pizza night. People are more relaxed and no need for worrying about transport etc. All accommodation is offered on-site.

Borgo di Tragliata in Rome - A wedding party under the stars
Borgo di Tragliata in Rome – A wedding party under the stars

Everything under one roof

As everything happens with the grounds you don’t miss any of the party we can take photos in between ice cream breaks and sip on prosecco and strolling around the charming borgo. Why do I love it so much? Well as a photographer having everything take place within the same venue makes it stress-free. I can park my car, grab my cameras and start shooting. I love to include photos of both the bride and groom getting ready which creates more of a story and flow to the day. Walking over to the church or gardens with the bride to the ceremony is also a great opportunity for capturing those very lovely moments. A giddy bridal party perhaps an emotional Dad.

I like to keep things flowing and try not to stop so much but I always like to have a bit of time with the couple away from guests and phones sticking in my face!!

It is a gorgeous place It has a lovely romantic feel. You can get the best of your party and mingle with all your friends and family while enjoying your photos in between. You can take off your shoes and walk on the grass. You can eat ice cream but only Vanilla so you don’t get chocolate stains on your dress. You can sip prosecco and munch on fritti, (deep-fried veggies that the chefs at the Borgo do so well). You can enjoy a feast of desserts served outside under the Fairy lights in the beautiful courtyards. And best of all you can drink cocktails and party until the wee small hours before walking, or crawling, to your beds.

Really great place for kids and families

The staff are warm and courteous, it?s a great space for families with young children, oh and they have Bulmers cider!

My approach to shooting your wedding is to keep your day as relaxed and enjoyable as possible. I try not to make rules maybe just that very short little space of time to take you by yourselves.

I want to say a big thanks to all the great people I met through Borgo Di Tragliata this year. Most important the couples, parents, the friends and the lovely dog in a tux. I have as much fun as you lot when you give me that space and trust to be creative.

There is too much to share so these photos are just a glimpse to give you a feel of this great wedding venue.

Per tutti quelli di Borgo, grazie mille per aver sempre avuto cura di me.

That’s Amore.

bride and groom at Borgo di Tragliata

Siobhan Hegarty Photography has no affiliation with Borgo di Tragliata, we are promoting it purely for selfish reasons, we love working there!

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