First wedding dance , your first dance as a married couple

This will be the last formal traditional part of your day. After the dinner speeches are finished and the cake is cut. One you may look forward to or even dread thinking of a room full of eyes on you as you sway, shuffle or just rock the dance floor.

And for a lot of couples, they omit it completely as they can just be far too self-conscious to dance. It’s your wedding day so if you are worried about looking awkward then there is no need to put yourself through it. Just get everyone on that dance floor and enjoy the party.

However, if you are asking your photographer or videographer to stay I think it is important you try to make it last just the two of you for at least 2 minutes! Three minutes can feel like a lifetime for the couple when everyone is looking at you but we like to get some shots of you alone even if it is a self-conscious hug being all wrapped up in each other can make a beautiful image. And of course, if you opt for the big waltz or just go crazy it’s even better.

It is very likely everyone will be a little bit tipsy and excited to show off their moves just get someone to hold onto your best man or bridesmaids for those two minutes before they invade that dance floor!

Very often the bride will dance with her father, the groom his mother before then inviting the bridesmaids to dance with the groomsmen. Again it is entirely up to you what you decide on, it’s a celebration, a time for everyone to let go and party into the night.

Beyond that, think about what style of dance you’ll feel comfortable doing in front of a crowd, and what kind of song will lend itself to that. How do you want to get the party started? A waltz is lovely if you have on a big dress a slow set is always cute and a fast one will keep us on our toes!

Whatever you pick romantic, upbeat or just something downright cheesy enjoy your party, let your hair down (also becoming a trend), some brides change their dress for something shorter and often put on some dancing shoes.

Siobhan x.

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